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About project

The ferries will be equipped with an innovative and highly efficient Diesel Electric Hybrid system. In normal operation the entire required power will be taken from two battery packs installed on board. The batteries will be recharged from the land grid during the vessels stay at quay which will typically be abt. 11 minutes. A fast charging solution will therefore be used in order to ensure that the required state of charge of the batteries is maintained. The shore charging system will be integrated with an automatic mooring system holding the ferries when at quay and giving the “green light” for the charging process to start. The intention is to use the generating sets that the vessels will be equipped with (running on 100% Biodiesel), only in case of emergency. The electric system will be, however, prepared to operate them alongside batteries, e.g. in peak shaving mode. The equipment on board will be selected based on maximum efficiency criteria. A good example are the thrusters which will be pulling type units with integrated Permanent Magnet motors ensuring high efficiency even at very low loads.


Main particulars:

Length over all 114,40 m
Breadth max. 17,70 m
Height (midship) 4,30 m
Deck load total 590 t / 599

Life saving equipment:

  • One (1) MOB Boat;
  • Three (3) / Four (4) Marine Evacuation Systems for a total of 550 / 800 persons.

Tanks' capacities:

Sitting capacity 299 / 399
Personal Car Units 120 PCU


  • Diesel Electric Hybrid type;
  • Two (2) generating sets (100% Biodiesel compatible);
  • Two (2) pulling-type azimuth thrusters with vertically mounted PM motors;
  • Air cooled battery pack.



Deck machinery and equipment:

  • Two (2) hydraulically operated flaps;
  • One (1) hydraulic anchor winch;
  • Two (2) hydraulic capstans;
  • Integrating with a shore-based battery charging solution;
  • Integrating with a shore-based automatic mooring solution.