70th Anniversary of Remontowa Shipbuilding

On Friday, 26th June in „Teatr Wybrzeże” in Gdańsk we celebrated the 70th anniversary of our Shipyard. The ceremony was attended by many distinguished guests, among them were representatives of state and municipal authorities, shipowners, representatives of classification societies, financial institutions, media and other companies cooperating or simply remaining in friendly relations with us.

During the ceremony employees received state awards and honorary Meritorious Employee of the Sea badges. A list of employees honored for developing professional skills and particular commitment in carrying out their duties was also read.

Odczytana również została lista osób wyróżnionych za rozwijanie umiejętności zawodowych oraz szczególne zaangażowanie i profesjonalizm w wypełnianiu swoich obowiązków.

In the course of the ceremony a film depicting the most important historical milestones achieved by our Shipyard was presented.

A special concert was given by the band Perfect who played their greatest hits for us.

The ceremony was completed with a banquet during which the anniversary cake was served, as well as many other unique dishes prepared specially for this occasion.

We would like to sincerely thank all our Guests for their presence and the opportunity to celebrate our jubilee with them.