Advanced outfitting work on multi-purpose ships of the PSV type

In October last year Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. signed an agreement for the sale of two Platform Supply Vessels currently under construction at the yard. Viking Supply Ships AB has in partnership with funds managed by Borealis Maritime entered into this contract. Both ships are currently at an advanced stage of outfitting.

Operational and commercial management will be carried out by Viking Supply Ships, probably the future co-owner of the vessels. The vessels have already been renamed COEY VIKING and COOPER VIKING, and the change of their livery will complete the work of the customer standard.

Ships with highest standards of environmental protection

The equipment of the ships in line with the latest trends will meet the highest standards of environmental protection and shipping safety. The LNG-powered vessels will also be equipped with a hybrid battery power supply system, which will ensure significant savings in fuel consumption and reduction of harmful emissions to the atmosphere. In addition, the use of the power grid in the latest standard of shore-side power supply will allow for stopping without using the units. Computer control and data transmission systems will also be modified, which will allow even remote management of the ships. Batteries of adequate power will be integrated with the deck and existing ship’s systems, without affecting the functionality of the cargo deck and handling systems of the supplied media in over 20 cargo tanks.

Systems used on the units

The basic equipment will provide ships with additional measurement tools and the latest solutions and software for such systems as: DP2 dynamic positioning, Fi-Fi 2 firefighting, oil spill control, drive system integration with batteries, etc. If necessary, vessels will be able to rescue and serve for the transport of crew members of the facilities being operated.

The introduced modifications will not affect the parameters important for units on the PSV market in terms of working deck area of nearly 1000 m2 as well as load capacity above 5000 DWT, and at the same time will increase the autonomy of swimming through the expected 15% savings in fuel consumption.

The vessel concept, basic documentation and its modification were performed by Wartsila Ship Design office (VS 4411 DF design). The construction is carried out under the supervision of DNV-GL classification society, also in terms of new class notations that ships will receive in relation to with the addition of a hybrid drive solution and the change of positional maintenance properties in dynamically positioned operation by the DP system.