Ceremony of laying the keel for the second (of a series of three) modern car passenger ferry

On 1st June 2015 a ceremony of laying the keel for the second (of a series of three) modern car passenger ferry took place in Remontowa Shipbuilding shipyard – member of the Remontowa Holding capital group. The ferries were ordered by a Canadian Owner – biggest ferry operator in North America and second biggest in the world.

The keel laying, despite nowadays having a symbolic character only, is an important part of the shipbuilding process. It is a milestone in the implementation of each project crowning the end of fabrication of the hull and the beginning of assembling individual components of the ship together.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of BC Ferries. Symbolic silver coin in the bottom section of the hull was welded by Vice President of Engineering – Mr. Mark Wilson.

The contract signed at the end of last year, includes the construction of three most modern in its class ferries and their delivery to the home port. The ferries will be driven by azimuth thrusters with electric motors. The source of power will be Dual Fuel generating sets fuelled by conventional Diesel oil or LNG. Such propulsion will guarantee cost-effective operation of ships and low emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. The vessels were entirely designed by Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting – a design office being a member of the Remontowa Holding.They comply both with the requirements of the Classification Society (Lloyd’s Register) under supervision of which they are being built, as well as the Government Agency (Transport Canada). The ferries will operate on the west coast of Canada taking on board up to 150 cars and 600 passengers.