Christening ceremony

Christening ceremony of the first of a series of seven multi-purpose vessel PSV design type MMC 887 L developed by MMC Ship Design & Marine Consulting Ltd. from Gdynia for the American owner took place in REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING SA on December 12th, 2012

During the ceremony, the vessel received the name of “BONGO” meaning one of the species of African antelope.
Delivered vessel is not a standard MMC887L type of propulsion “diesel-electric” which builds the REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING SA and many other shipyards around the world, but it is a ship that uses a electrical network of medium voltage (4.16 kV) and innovative technologies of electrical power frequency control for azimuth propulsion electric motors (according to the manufacturer’s new VFD technology from Canada).
According to the customer standard, the m/v BONGO was also equipped with an integrated control system for navigation equipment, control systems for cargo and vessel general systems, DP class 2 but also retractable and side thrusters and off ship objects by FiFi-1.
Deck area of 1050 m2 with load 10t/m2 allows to carry bulky cargo, containerized packages, pipes and other materials necessary for supporting of drilling or operating platform – the deck has a load capacity of nearly 3,000 tons. It is certainly the world’s largest body of its type in the class of vessels up to 90 m, whose carrying capacity is 5500 tones and its transport capacities are not limited to liquid cargo, fuel, water and bulk cargo. It is designed for the transport of dangerous goods in tanks below deck. The ship was also equipped with a system to collect oil spills. Because of the parameters, the owner passed directly the vessel for operating offshore in Brazil where “BONGO” will begin work on the waters of the long distance of objects from the database.
The ship classified by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) in Gdynia (where is a plant approval office for all European shipbuilding yards) has been delivered with a set of certificates under the flag of Vanuatu also having all permits Brazilian Offshore Administration before contractual schedule.