Christening of the third PSV in series

On Friday, 28 June at Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A., an official ceremony was held to christen the third Platform Supply Vessel completed in a series of eight PSV units ordered by, one of the leading American offshore fleet owners. At the Shipowner’s request, all the ships of the series receive the names of the species of African antelopes. Accordingly, the ship’s Godmother, Mrs. Anna Wardzińska, the 2nd officer’s wife, named her SABLE and smashed a bottle of champagne against her hull.

SABLE is the sixth ship delivered to since the cooperation began. The ship owner, renowned for strict quality requirements, highly values Polish naval design and engineering. As all
the previous ships, SABLE will become part of a 200-vessel fleet and will
operate in support of offshore oil mining and new field acquisition facilities.
The ship’s design was developed by a Polish office – MMC Ship Design &
Marine Consulting Ltd. of Gdynia, under supervision of American Bureau of
Shipping Classification Society.
The ship is outfitted with Diesel – Electric propulsion in the medium voltage technology, allowing for efficient, fuel-saving exploitation and low air-toxic emissions.
To meet the client’s standards, the vessel also features an advanced steering system with DP2 dynamic positioning, class FiFi-1 firefighting equipment as well as oil-spill containment facilities.
The deck area of 1050 m2 with 10t/m2 load capacity allows for the transfer of bulky or container freight, pipe bundles and other supplies for offshore drilling and platform operation. SABLE will be the largest world’s vessel in the up-to-90 m length class, with load-carrying capacity of 5500 tons. She will be capable of not only shipping liquids, fuels, water and loose cargo, but also transferring dangerous loads in under-deck containers.
These features place SABLE and other ships in the series among
the largest and most versatile in their class. The product quality of off-shore ships, delivered by Remontowa Shipbuilding, showcases their expertise, achieved throughout nearly twenty years of operation in this challenging market. The ships handed over in recent years, fully outfitted and worthiness-tested, have undoubtedly strengthened the market position of REMONTOWA GROUP and opened the way for future contracts.