Ferries for Port of Tallinn

Remontowa Shipbuilding has signed a new contract for the construction of two double – ended, modern car – passenger ferries. Vessels will be built for Estonian Customer “Port of Tallinn”. It is already second significant order which has been placed at Remontowa Shipbuilding – member of Remontowa Holding – this year.

Contracted ferries will be the most advanced diesel–electric driven vessels operating in the water of Baltic Sea.

The vessels will be also prepared for future upgrade for LNG Single or Dual Fuel propulsion.

The low operating costs will be undoubtedly advantage of these ferries. The optimized hull’s shape will cause lower fuel consumption and NOx and SOx emission to the atmosphere. The high level of automation will allow for minimum manning. The 114 meters long vessels will accommodate 150 passenger cars and 600 passengers. The ferries will be delivered to the Owner in 2016.

Port in Tallinn is presently the biggest center servicing cargo and passenger traffic in Estonia. In order to improve local connections between West – Estonian islands the grow of fleet was necessary. Several well-known shipyards participated in the tender for the construction of new ferries.

Selecting of REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING was caused by high quality of offered vessels, experience in construction passenger ferries as well as good reputation enjoyed by shipyard among European and American Owners. So far REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING has built 50 car – passenger ferries of different propulsion and range of servicing routes.

Realization of this contract opens for Remontowa Shipbuilding new market in north part of Baltic Sea. It is expected that in future it will bring new orders from Estonian and Finnish Customers.

This order closes Remontowa Shibuilding order book up to the end of 2016.