Flag raising ceremony on the H-13 tugboat Przemko

On Saturday, June 26, in the Military Port of Świnoujście, the flag was raised on the tugboat H-13 Przemko, built by the Remontowa Shipbuilding SA shipyard in Gdansk. The ceremony took place on the day of the Navy Day, which according to tradition is the finale of the Maritime Holiday. It has been celebrated for over 90 years.

On the occasion of the Navy Day at the quays of Swinoujscie’s Navy Port moored the newest Polish mine destroyer ORP Kormoran and the frigate ORP Gen. Kazimierz Pułaski (3rd Flotilla of Ships) stationed in Gdynia. On all ships in the Naval Ports in Świnoujście and Gdynia a great banner was raised and the sailors took part in ceremonies commemorating the traditions and history of the Polish Naval Forces. In the Garrison Church in Świnoujście a mass was celebrated for the intention of the Polish Navy, sailors and their families.

The most important event of this year’s celebration was the ceremony of the official incorporation of a new tugboat into the forces of the 8th Coastal Defense Flotilla. During the solemn assembly in the Navy Port, commemorative orders were read, decorations and distinctions were awarded to the distinguished personnel and according to the order of the Commander General of the Armed Forces on the first lifting of the flag of auxiliary units of the Navy on the tugboat H-13 Przemko the flag was solemnly lifted for the first time.

H-13 Przemko is the last of the planned six modern tugboats built for the Polish Navy at Remontowa Shipbuilding SA shipyard in Gdansk. As of today, the tug together with its twins H-11 Bolko and H-12 Semko will serve in the 8th Coastal Defence Flotilla as part of the 12th minesweeper Squadron. Navy Captain Maciej Kierski became the first tugboat commander. The other units are already serving in the 3rd Flotilla (H-1 Gniewko, H-2 Mieszko, H-3 Leszko).

Photo: 8.FOW, Navy