The avant-garde, Cable Lay Vessel „SIEM AIMERY” was handed over to the owner

The avant-garde, Cable Lay Vessel (CLV) was handed over to the leading Norwegian offshore fleet owner and operator – Siem Offshore.

Sailing out of the vessel was preceded by naming ceremony. The symbolic bottle of champagne smashed Mrs. Karin Nooljen Muck – wife of Mr. Lars Muck, Business Area Manager of Siem Offshore Contractors. The vessel was named Siem Aimery. The first part of the name refers to the name of the Owner and the second – Aimery – comes from Germanic language and means “king of work”.

The vessel will operate in the North Sea and in accordance with the name, will perform many complex tasks. Siem Aimery was designed and built for the installation and repair of medium and high voltage submarine cables. She will be operated by a 60-person crew – most of them will be engaged in the operations of laying, lifting and maintenance submarine cables. The vessel is equipped with two carousels low in the vessel’s hull and a hangar-based cable deck.

The CLV is equipped with state-of-the-art. Diesel-electric propulsion system consisting of four main generators providing power to two azimuth propulsion thrusters, two tunnel thrusters and one retractable thruster, ensuring excellent station – keeping capability as well as environmentally-friendly and fuel efficient marine operations.

The vessel meets the most stringent requirements and highest standards of environmental protection and safety of navigations, as for „CLEAN DESIGN” class notation.