The ceremonial raising of the flag

The ceremonial raising of the flag on the modern, car – passenger ferry took place in REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING S.A. on Monday, 15th of October 2012.

It is already sixth vessel built in REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING S.A. for this Owner.
This time it is second from the series, gas, eco-powered ferry limiting emission of NOx and SOx to the atmosphere.
The vessel will operate in Lofoten archipelago region. The ferry is named as one of the islands belonging to the Lofotenarchipelago and port lyingon the serving route.
Vessel with service speed of 17 knots and maximum 19 knots will be able to take on board 390 passengers and 120 cars.
The ferry complies with the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Norwegian Maritime Directorates (NMD) regulations.
The first one from this ultra-modern series was delivered to the Owner two weeks ago.