The next launching in Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.

Launching ceremony of the innovative car – passenger ferry built for Norwegian Owner took place in Remontowa Shipbuilding on Tuesday, 14th of May 2013. The launched vessel is the first one of two double – ended car – passenger ferries which were signed in February 2012.

It is already sixth vessel built by our Shipyard for this Owner. The previously delivered ferrie ssuccessfullyserve local car – passenger transport along Norwegian coast enjoying Owners’ and passengers’ recognition.
Presently being built vessels will be the first in the world powered only by LNG and CNG gas emergency. Such solution enables reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, which is a particular advantage in the case of vessels serving the local connection along the coast of Norway.
Ferries of 123,20 m length will be able to take on board 550 passengers and 165 cars. For the passengers there will be offered the comfortable lounge situated under car deck. The vessels will be equipped with the newest automation systems and innovative solutions which allow for manning reduction.
The ferries are being built according to the project elaborated by Norwegian design office LMG Marin in cooperation with Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting under supervision of classification society Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA).
The launched vessel belongs to the series of the biggest gas powered ferries built so far by Remontowa Shipbuilding SA as well as the biggest ones in their class which are operated in Norway.
Our extensive experience in construction of ecological, gas powered ferries was appreciated by the many Owners from all over the world. Currently REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING S.A. is building three car – passenger ferries, nine offshore support vessels and Cable Lay Vessel.