Visit of Swedish students

At the end of last month, our shipyard was visited by several students from the Swedish Technical Institute in Blekinge, BTH (sw. Blekinge Tekniska Högskola), led by Johan Hjortsberg, lecturer and programme director in marine technology.

The visit to the shipyard took place as part of a course entitled ‘Ship Surveillance and Maritime Regulation’, which has been implemented by the Swedish side since 2018. Its aim is to understand aspects of ship design, construction, classification services, conversion and modernisation and how these processes are regulated by national and international laws, regulations and codes.

– The shipyard impressed our visitors from Sweden, especially the practical part. They were very excited about the plant tour and the direct contact with heavy industry,” said Karol Dąbrowski, Contracting Manager, who, together with Radosław Gęsicki, Head of Equipment Works, gave the group a tour of Remontowa Shipbuilding SA facilities, showing them the shipbuilding process from start to finish.

Johan Hjortsberg did not hide his satisfaction with the visit to the shipyard.

– We are very grateful to Remontowa Shipbuilding SA for the opportunity to realise our programme. It was a time of very interesting presentations and valuable insights that will accompany our students in their further education. I hope that we will be able to repeat this visit next year,” said Johan Hjortsberg.

As a souvenir of the meeting, the Swedish students handed over a model of a traditional fishing boat used around Karlskrona to the representatives of Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.