Year of delivery 2013

Owner Gulf Offshore NS Ltd. / GulfMark Offshore Inc. (Scotland)


  • Propulsion

    Azimuth propeller 2x2000 kW
    Forward thrusters 2x910 kW tunnel thruster
    Main generating set 4x1790 ekW (2125 kVA) high speed 690 VAC
    Emergency/harbour generator 1x350 kW 690 VAC high speed
  • Tanks' capacities

    Deck area: 815 m²
    Water ballast: 1487 m³
    Brine: 522 m³
    Fresh water: 980 m³
    Fuel oil: 1016 m³
    Liquid mud: 1163 m³
    Dry Bulk: 300 m³
    Methanol: 194 m³
    Mineral oil: 514 m³
  • Deck machinery and equipment

    Tugger winches 2x10 t
    Deck crane 2 electro-hydraulic 3 t/10m
  • Cargo pumps:

    Fuel oil 1x150/20 m3/h -9/3 bar
    Fresh water 1x150/80 m3/h -9/2 bar
    Ballast/Drill Water 1x150/80 m3/h -9/2 bar
    Liquid Mud 4x150 m3/h -14 bar
    Methanol 2x75 m3/h -9 bar
    Bulk Handling System 2 bulk mud compressors each 1100 m3/h
    5 dry bulk tanks 60 m3/h each/h
  • Class

    +A1(E) Offshore Support Vessel
    +Oil Recovery Capability Class 2
    + FFV Class 1

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