Cooperation between Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. and Norwegian Owner Torghatten Nord A.S.

REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING S.A. has delivered to the Owner next modern car – passenger ferry „KVALØY”. It is already fourth vessel built in REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING S.A. for one of the biggest Norwegian ferry fleet Owner – Torghatten Nord AS.

Cooperation with the Owner – Torghatten Nord AS started in 2009 by signing the contract for the building four modern fjord ferries of different propulsion, power of engine as well as range of served routes.

In the middle of past year (2010) Shipyard started construction of two diesel powered, double–ended, car–passengers ferries.
Since October 2011 these two vessels serve public transport in Tromsø region.
36 meters length ferries of modern design served by 3-persons crew take on board 47 passengers and 16 cars. Both ferries REBBENESØY and ULØYTIND were called as a result of unofficial competition among local community which is very satisfied with the use of ferries.

The construction of the second series of ferries Ro-Pax type completed on 10th of December 2011. Ferries VENGSØY and KVALØY have names of the islands situated in north part of Norway and serve car – passenger transport in this area. The ships can take on board 147 passengers and 21 cars.

The new contract for building of next four big, modern car–passenger ferries was signed in May 2010. These Gas Powered ferries will meet restrictive, ecological rules regarding the emission of harmful substances to atmosphere. Ferries are designed for serving public transport in Loften Archipelago region. Ferries will take on board 390 passengers and 120 cars. The ships will be powered by one Gas – Engine which will enable achievement of service speed – 17 knots and maximum speed 19 knots.
The ferries will be delivered to the Owner in second half of 2012.
REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING S.A. is one of the few shipyards possessing experience in building Gas Powered ferries meeting restrictive, ecological rules.
Apart from above mentioned new contracts, in 2010 REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING S.A. finished construction of four modern gas ferries for Norwegian Owner Fjord MRF AS.
The series of four, the latest generation ferries which has been currently built for one of the biggest Norwegian Owner – Torghatten Nord A.S confirms strong position of REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING S.A. on demanding Scandinavian market.