Launching of the Platform Supply Vessel

The next Platform Supply Vessel designed to support offshore industry was launched in REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING S.A. on 16 of April 2013. It is already second vessel from the series B 850 ordered by one of the biggest Scottish Owner operated Offshore Support Vessels in the North Sea.

Currently, the launched vessel is going to enter the phase of equipping with devices and machineries, cable installation, assembling cargo systems and preparing cabins for crew and passengers. After completion of outfitting works, which is expected in third quarter of this year, the most important stage of production process – sea trials – will begin. The trials consisting of starting up the engines and systems will be carried out in order to verify and confirm gained parameters and operating possibilities of the ship.
The deck area of over 1000 m 2, 5100 t cargo capacity and speed rated at 14,3 knots ranks this unit as one of the biggest vessels operating in area of the North Sea. Furthermore the vessel will be adapted to fire fighting and collecting oil spills.
The vessel will be equipped with Diesel Electric propulsion consisting of four generators producing a total power of 6800 kWe. DP2 Class – the ship dynamic positioning system will allow to operate even in harsh weather conditions.
The vessel is being built under the supervision of Classification Society ABS (American Bureau of Shipping). She will be covered by certificate “CLEAN DESIGN” and gain the “GREEN PASSPORT”. It means that none of potentially dangerous for human health or environment materials are used in construction of the vessel.
Conceptual design and all technical documentation is provided by Polish design office MMC Ship Design & Marine Consulting Ltd. from Gdynia.
Currently Remontowa Shipbuilding builds three innovative gas powered car – passenger ferries and nine multipurpose Platform Supply Vessels. Three of them – including just launched vessel – are ordered by Scottish Owner and destined for operating in water area of North Sea.
The number of vessels under construction at the same time, the level of technical sophistication, and the most importantly – the new orders from the same Owners confirm Clients’ satisfaction and professionalism of Remontowa Shipbuilding.